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Why You Should Hire a Roofer to Install Your Skylights

Skylights provide an excellent source of natural light into your home. You don’t need to use any lamps or ceiling lights during the day, even if the room has no or few other windows. They help with your heating bills by utilizing solar heat for areas under the light. In addition, they can help with cooling bills by creating cross-ventilation when you have skylights that can open and allow air movement.

Some people feel they can hire a handyman or install skylights on their own. While the installation is not rocket science, and you or a handyman may be able to get the pieces securely in place, you have other things to consider that could affect your roof. Discover a few reasons to hire professional roofers to help you with anything pertaining to skylights and their installation.

Right Skylights

Skylights come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and framing. You want to be sure that the ones you choose complement the design and lines of your house. They also need to fit into the roof in a way that uses the beams of the roof for the most secure installation. In addition, the framing for the lights needs to be flush against the roofing materials. The roof of the house also needs to be strong enough to hold the skylights.

A professional roofer will come and inspect your home and roof. This allows them to help you pick the lights that will provide you with the most benefits while maintaining the look and design of the house. They will also make sure that the lights you choose are not too heavy for the roof.

Roof Repair

A professional roofer will make sure that the whole roof is in good condition before installing the skylights. Cutting a hole in the roof can make the roof weak if not done correctly or if already weak areas exist. During their initial inspection, the roofer will determine what — if anything — needs to be done to strengthen the roof before installing the skylights.

Skylight Locations

Trying to fit a skylight into the roof around a chimney, exhaust vents, or attic fans can be a bit tricky. Professional roofers are used to working around these obstacles and know how to fit the skylight in without damaging other parts of the roof. In addition, also consider the slope of the roof when choosing where to place the lights.

Roof Slope

Another issue you or a handyman may have when trying to install skylights is the slope of the roof. Roofers are used to working on slopes and have all the equipment to do so safely. You will not need to buy or rent special equipment to get the job done. Also, you won't have to worry about falling or dropping something that could cause injury or damage to anything below when pros do the job.

Future Problems

Professional roofers make sure that the roof will not leak after installing skylights. They use the proper flashing and other items or products to help prevent water from getting in around the lights. In addition, professionals will have a warranty for the work they do. If a leak is around a newly installed skylight, the roofers will come back to your house to fix it.

If you want skylight installation, contact HF Roofing Contractor Inc. We will be there for the entire process to make sure you get the skylights that best suit your needs and wants. The skylights we install will not leak, will not weaken your roof, and will not be harmed or damaged regardless of any weather conditions they may have to endure.


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