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HF Roofing, Can I Put a Second layer of shingles on my old roof




Gutters aren’t always what you notice first on a home, but if they appear to be severely broken, causing damage to foundations or sidewalks or in other locations of your home, or simply the wrong color for your home’s current aesthetic. New gutters can help boost your overall curb appeal while best protecting your home from possible water infiltration to the home's foundation that will be damaged and other costly issues. However, not just any gutter will do. If you’ve been looking into installing new gutters yourself, you’ve undoubtedly been bombarded with more options than you anticipated, from gutter materials to gutter colors, sizes, and more. Let the experts at HF Roofing help you make the right decision/choice for your home’s new gutters installations.

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A Homeowner's Guide To Their Roof's Anatomy


Your roof consists of several components, each a vital part of a well-functioning roof. By understanding these components, you can be better equipped to inspect and maintain your roof for the long term.

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​​​​​HF Best Tip: Hire a trusted roofing contractor to repair, and replace the roof in Silver Spring, MD and the surroundings 


HF Best Tip: Hire a trusted roofing contractor to repair, and replace the roof

With spring around the corner, many homeowners are moving to repair or replace their current roofs. The off-season may be the best time to jump on a home improvement project with lower prices and available materials.
HF ROOFING CONTRACTORS has tips to remember whenever you hire any contractor to work on your home's Roofing project. You can find advice on everything from researching vendors to getting estimates to signing a contract in Tips for Hiring a Contractor.
Here are six tips for hiring a roofer: 

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The roof replacement cost depends on various factors that can’t always be easily summed up with an online roofing calculator.

Investing in a new roof not only helps protect your home from the elements, but it can save you money on energy bills or numerous repairs and boost curb appeal and overall value.

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Why You Should Hire a Roofer to Install Your Skylights


Skylights provide an excellent source of natural light into your home. You don’t need to use any lamps or ceiling lights during the day, even if the room has no or few other windows. They help with your heating bills by utilizing solar heat for areas under the light. In addition, they can help with cooling bills by creating cross-ventilation when you have skylights that can open and allow air movement.

Some people feel they can hire a handyman or install skylights on their own. While the installation is not rocket science, and you or a handyman may be able to get the pieces securely in place, you have other things to consider that could affect your roof. Discover a few reasons to hire professional roofers to help you with anything pertaining to skylights and their installation.

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During the cold winter months, your roof should protect and insulate your home. Starting in the fall, you should have a plan for protecting your roof and gutters from damage. Is your roof and gutters ready for winter?

To prepare for the seasonal change, you should clear debris and any damage from the fall to keep your home warm and safe during the winter. Cleaning and inspecting your roof at least twice a year once in the spring and once in the fall could also help you maintain your roof’s warranty. Prepare your roof for winter with these 10 winter roofing tips.

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​​Can I Put A Second Layer of Shingles on My Roof?


“Can I put a second layer of shingles on my old roof?” You can, but you probably shouldn’t do it. This is known as a layover, putting a second or a third layer

of shingles on your roof is in most cases inadvisable and a job that HF Roofing is most likely to even turn down.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t do spot roof repairs and should instead replace your roof entirely, but a layover has its own unique set of cons that merit investigation.

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HF Roofing, Can I Put a Second layer of shingles on my old roof
Strategies for Cedar Roof Care in Silver Spring MD
HF Roofing, Can I Put a Second layer of shingles on my old roof
HF Roofing, Can I Put a Second layer of shingles on my old roof
HF Roofing, Can I Put a Second layer of shingles on my old roof

Everything You Need to Know About Shingle Granules


The vast majority of homes feature asphalt shingles on their roofs. Asphalt shingles are the most budget-friendly roofing option. What's more, they're highly durable. They also come in many colors, shapes, and even dimensions. However, unless you've ever inspected your roof closely, you might not realize the shingles feature a top coat of mineral granules.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about these shingle granules.

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3 Strategies for Cedar Roof Care


Cedar shakes and shingles provide a long-lasting and attractive option for a roof. Cedar is naturally rot-resistant, so if it is cared for properly you face minimal chance for rot or leaks. Consider three main strategies that will ensure a leak-free and long-lasting cedar roof.

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HF Roofing Contractor strongly believes that there are four compelling reasons to remove your old Roofing underlayment altogether.  


When it comes to a Full Roof Replacement, everything must be done correctly. After all, the slightest mistake can cause the biggest mishaps for your roofing system and yourself as the homeowner. With that in mind, when replacing your roof, one of the things that you should make sure will be done is to remove it altogether and replace the old underlayment.

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HF Roofing, Can I Put a Second layer of shingles on my old roof

Hail Damage on your Roof?


An unexpected hailstorm can cause understandable alarm not only for drivers and pedestrians but also for homeowners. Hailstones don't have to boast massive sizes to do considerable damage as they pelt your roof. The resulting structural issues can leave you wondering what to do or where to turn.

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HF Roofing, Can I Put a Second layer of shingles on my old roof

​​How to Take Care of Your Roof this Spring.


Once spring starts and the weather turns comfortably warmer, most homeowners start preparing their garden beds for planting, washing the grimy covers on the patio furniture, and cutting down trees that broke in half during a snowstorm. Hardly anyone thinks about checking in on their roof after the snow melts and runs off.

All throughout the frost season, your roof has protected you from the cold, freezing, and wetness. Non just a few months. A crack in the pipe boot is a simple and inexpensive fix. But failing to catch it because you skip regular maintenance can cause $400 or even up to $700 worth of damage to your ceiling.   

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​​​Homeowners Insurance for Wind Damage


Most homeowner's policies cover wind damage, one of the most common causes of damage from storms. According to the Insurance Information Institute, research shows that homeowners filed more claims between 2014 and 2018 due to wind and hail damage than any other type of loss,1 including fire, water damage, or theft.


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