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Single Ply Roofing Systems
We install single ply roofing systems by leading manufactures including, Firestone and Mule-Hide TPO. Having installed  many of square feet with an outstanding reputation in the DMV, continual employees training and a commitment for customer satisfaction gives peace of mind to know HF Roofing Contractors is the BEST choice for your next single ply roof project.


Our preventative maintenance program: 

  • Saves money
  • Maximizes roof life expectancy
  • Minimize life cycle costs and emergency repairs
  • Improves tenant/employees relationships

Catching most small problems before they become major ones can substantially extend the life of your flat roof and save you thousands of dollars. Our experienced repair technicians are experts in locating leaks and repairing all types of roofing systems. Regular inspections of your roof can spot minor issues before they become major ones.  No matter what the age of your roof is, our maintenance service crew can save you a lot of headaches if you call for services early.

Commercial TPO Flat Roofs in Silver Spring, MD and Washington D.C.

Quality commercial roofs are crucial to the building’s safety. But often they are overlooked due to the busy schedule of the building owner. At HF Roofing Contractors, we give you the best commercial roofing services for your office in Silver Spring, MD. Whether you need repairs, replacement, or installation, our focus on commercial flat roofs gives us the expertise to do the job right.

Choose Our Roofing Services

Flat roofs can encounter a lot of problems during their lifespan. Especially in Maryland where they see plenty of snow and rain during the year, the need for proper maintenance is ever-present.

HF Roofing Contractor Inc. offers comprehensive roofing services to take care of your commercial flat roof, including needed repairs. You might need a roofing repair if your roof:

  • Has standing water: Flat roofs are carefully designed to appear flat but provide enough slant that all accumulated water ends up at the drain. So standing water could mean that your drains are clogged, which leads to water buildup.
  • Has noticeable damage: If you can see cracks, punctures, or tears on the roofing material, or if you notice leaks from the roof, you need a repair immediately.
  • Hasn’t been properly maintained: Roofs that have been neglected or haven’t received regular maintenance are at a higher risk of having problems. We can inspect the roof to identify any needed repairs.

On top of our skilled repairs, we can help you with any replacement or installation. And our services are designed to be quick and hassle-free so you can keep your business running efficiently the whole time.

Trust Our Roofing Contractors

At HF Roofing Contractor Inc. we prioritize your complete satisfaction. That’s why we perform all roofing services ourselves, rather than hiring subcontractors to do it for us. We are a family-owned and –operated company that strives to give your business the best commercial flat roof possible.


Comme​rcial and Residential TPO Flat Roofs in Silver Spring, MD and Washington D.C.

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​TPO, which stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, is a type of roofing material for commercial and residential buildings. It has been increasing in popularity due to its affordability, durability against harsh weather conditions, and best reflective properties. TPO’s reflectivity reduces heat buildup and saves the owner lots of money on energy bill.

TPO is not actually a plastic, despite its name. It’s actually a type of rubber, which covers a roof’s surface in a single-ply membrane. It’s a material used for flat roofs and began to be used in the roofing industry during the 1985s. Prior to that, the material had been used as a protective surface by the automotive industry. It wasn’t as widely used until the 1990s when it gained popularity among commercial and residential building owners in Silver Spring, and Washington D.C.