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Wind, Storm, and Hail Damage In MD

How Insurance Claims Work!!

When your roof or siding gets damaged by wind or hail, it can be a scary experience.  HF Roofing Contractors is more than an exterior contractor; we are also experts in homeowner insurance claims.  Our friendly employees are here to give you peace of mind that you can expect fair treatment from your insurer.

1St Step, File a Claim

After calling HF Roofing Contractor, the first step is to locate your insurance policy information. Filling a claim has gotten easier over the years, with most companies having online or smartphone apps to speed things up.  If you have a mortgage on the house, you will also want to notify the mortgage company and ask them for a claim packet. 

How Adjustments Work
Once the insurance company is notified of a claim, they assign an adjuster to assess the damage.  Often, this is a private contractor that works on behalf of the insurance company.  We know how to work with the adjuster to clearly explain what it’s going to take to put your house - Dueling back together correctly.  

We will often explain the construction details to the insurance company to ensure they are responsible.  We also need to ensure that the deficiencies are addressed if your house is not up to current codes.  Once a fair-good solution is agreed to, you will get an insurance claim summary in about a week.

Get More from Your Claim
There are a lot of technical details and specific products used in repairing storm damage.  Without the help of a contractor like HF Roofing Contractor, the insurance adjuster can miss some or a lot of details, leaving you with an incomplete repair or replacement.  We are knowledgeable about filing Claim Supplements in cases where a property owner already has a claim, but usually, more is needed.  

Why the Mortgage Company is Involved
Since the mortgage company is holding your home as collateral against the loan, they sometimes are required to sign off on the check that your insurance company issues.  This is because the mortgage company has a vested interest in restoring your home property and maintaining its value.  This may seem complicated, but we are used to dealing with this situation all the time, so we are happy to help you smooth the process.  

Recoverable Depreciation
Recoverable depreciation is the amount of the claim the insurance company holds back to ensure the work is actually performed.  If you do not complete the job or not all of it, you will typically fail to fulfill an agreement, and you will lose money. 

Trust Us To Handle It
You can depend on our team to provide comprehensive service when you have hail or wind damage. We can handle all of your storm-related repairs needs as soon as possible.

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Wind, Storm, and Hail Damage in MD

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