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Last Minute Storm Preparations

There are a few extra things you can do to prepare your shingles roof or flat roofs for bad weather right before it starts pouring. 

Cut any large trees back so that their branches don’t hang over your roof. In high winds or heavy storms, branches can damage-puncture 
and loosen your shingles and roof structure. In the worst cases, heavy branches can break off and fall onto your roof, causing serious damage.

Be worry about tree branches creeping up towards your roof’s edge. This area is what keeps your roof attached to your house. If it’s damaged by branches, you could lose more than just a few shingles during a storm.

Ongoing Roof Maintenance

According to Tema roofing, ongoing maintenance is one of the three core criteria for a roofing project. Don’t assume your roof will stand up to bad weather without you having a professional roofer inspect it. Get an experienced roofing contractor to check for maintenance issues before the storm season starts. They’ll also be able to assist you with an ongoing maintenance program to ensure your roof can stand up to whatever the weather throws your way.

Head Into Your Attic

If you can get into your attic, head up there and inspect the roof from the inside for any water drips. Look for rays of light shining through. Light is indicative of gaps that could let in wind and water. If you see any protruding nails in the rafters or trusses, that could mean the roof deck may need proper reinforcement or plywood replacement.

For Good Measure

Make your roof less susceptible to storm damage with the following do-it-yourself techniques:

  •   Use a caulking gun to apply roofing cement under any loose shingle or any roof shingle tabs.
  • Clear/clean gutters and make sure downspouts are unclogged  
  • For added protection, run a bead of construction liquid-nail adhesive along the seam between the rafter and deck to make decking a little stronger 
  • Apply roofing cement to the edges of the roofing where sides of shingles are exposed and or any nail pops you might see  
  • Finally if you can’t repair any of the issues you see on the roof you may need to get up on the roof and install a big tarp, the tarp can be found at Home Depot right by the Painting department

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