Roof Repair Work:
If you have a current known issue with your roof, we do all sorts of roof repairs in Silver Spring, Maryland and Gaithersburg, MD  Here's a list of some of the more common roof repairs that we handle:


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Roof Repairs - Maintenance in Silver Spring, MD and Gaithersburg, MD

Why The Maryland Suburbs Should Hire Us for Roof Repairs In Silver Spring, MD and Gaithersburg, MD

Much of our business is referred to us by our satisfied Maryland clients. We can supply you with a long list of happy customers in Silver Spring MD. 

Other reason is that we NEVER USE SUB-CONTRACTORS to do our jobs, we have our own employees that have been with our company for more than 10 years.
Our Gaithersburg roofing contractors work hard to make sure that our customers are saying nice things about us even 20 years after we do their roof. Moreover, that commitment to quality and customer service really pays off. We are here to change the way you look at a roofing company.

Roof Repairs - Maintenance in Silver Spring, MD and Gaithersburg, MD

HF Roofing Contractor has a small and friendly roof repair Crew.   We specialize in residential sloped, asphalt shingle roof repairs and Roof Replacements.  Our repair department is equipped to handle single family homes and townhomes that are not greater than 2 stories off the ground.   
We are a reliable roofing repairs contractor in Maryland that do all type of repairs flat roofs, patch Roofing, leaky roofs, emergency roof repairs, slate roofs and cedar shake roofs.
If you feel you might need a new roof, please give us a call for a free estimate.

Roof Maintenance:

HF Roofing Contractor offers a complete Maryland and DC roof maintenance package that starts at $285 for most homes.  This service could literally save you thousands of dollars in the long-run.  We recommend all homes get this service every 2-4 years.  The maintenance package includes:

  • Inspecting the entire roof for damage
  • Performing needed minor repairs, such as replacing missing shingles or resealing flashing around Chimney or skylights

If, after inspecting your roof, we feel that a minor repair will not solve a current roof issue, then with our straightness we will write you with a free estimate.   HF Roofing Contractor  has been offering roofing services in the Silver Spring, MD and Gaithersburg, MD area for over 20 years and we feel we can provide you with an expert analysis and opinion on your roofing needs.

 MHIC  #105105 │ DCRA  #410515000115 

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